Move over Lonely Guy: ‘The Lonely Bar’ with cardboard customers

Finding it hard to chat up chicks at the local pubs and clubs?

Well fear chickies no more!

Frank Angeletta – Lonely Guy

Thanks to Uncle Jinping’s bio-lab-virus restrictions, a ‘popular bar’ in Sydney seems to have taken an idea from Steve Martin’s classic movie, The Lonely Guy (1984) More at the DM

Fingers crossed this trend kicks off at the Nerang ‘Romper Room’ too.

Movie star cardboard cut-outs – The Lonely Guy (1984)

Might be a good time to start-up an online ‘cardboard people’ cut-out business.

From what I’ve seen on their Facebook, the local Nerang ‘Romper Room’ jam club could do with some cardboard cut-outs to replace the cardboard folks that can’t go there at the moment.

While I wait to see that come about, I’m pitching an idea to a few Hollywood execs today.

I reckon it’s the right time to do a 2020 remake of, ‘Groundhog Day’ (1993)

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