HR6666: The Bill Of The Beast

Gee, the US government are so cocky now days that they have a proposed Bill to grab on people titled H.R 6666.

They could have reserved 6666 for ‘greening the parks’, or making new public housing, etc. Nope.

Gee, no wonder ‘conspiracy theories’ come about.

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4 Thoughts to “HR6666: The Bill Of The Beast”

  1. the formerly bushy former artist formerly known as the bush

    In todays famous dead people news….
    Jerry Stiller (much funnier than his son Ben Stiller) has died aged 92
    Jerry Stiller famously played Georges father on Seinfeld among numerous other comedic roles…
    He was possibly a jew….

    1. Second warning – off topic spam is $7.30 per flog. I’ll let this one slide, as believe it or not, I actually liked that “jew” in the “King of Queens”. (his son is an obnoxious dickhead) This will come as shock to you, anti-Semite Paul Newton, but I actually adore KoQ cast star “jew” Leah Remini too! Her work exposing that other CoS cult was / is outstanding.

  2. the formerly bushy former artist formerly known as the bush

    If you are going to make that a link you gotta at least post my rebuttal…
    You have mentioned that stupid show before and I was wondering why…
    the whole time you were in love with a cast member…
    she is pretty hot for a 50 year old….
    I am a bit shocked that you would pick her over Little Richard tho…..

    1. Yeah because you’d rather a sweaty old man rather than a hot female. You’re off topic again. $7.30 if you wish to proceed

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