From Marvin to Michael to never the twain shall Meat Loaf

Tonight the DM posted a story about ‘Meat Loaf’ bragging about being a fat-assed “sex god”…

What? Bit disappointed. Geez, from afar after 12am while really pissed, I like some of his songs … bat out of hell … but who is this guy?

Off to Wikipedia for a look … what’s this fat #ucks real name?


A ‘sex god’ called Marvin? Hahahaha!

Geez, it’s disappointing finding out another musical hero is actually a show pony zero, so embarrassed by his real name, that he changed it to Michael.

Gary Anderson

Could be worse … Marvin could have lowed his standards even more and appeared on Idiocracy ‘normalising’ TV programming like ‘Housos’ with Gary ‘Angry’ Anderson.

Can you imagine Slim Dusty or Luciano Pavarotti doing the same?

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11 Thoughts to “From Marvin to Michael to never the twain shall Meat Loaf”

  1. the former artist formally known as the bush

    This is how MeatLoaf really got his name…

    1. That was season 2 and pure fake news written by someone on weed laced with eccies. I’ve only saved everything back to season 14 so far. (I get really bored sometimes and have lonely hard-drives that need to be fulfilled with zeros and ones)

  2. the former artist formally known as the bush

    did you see his performance at the AFL grand final a couple years back ? bit of a worry…

  3. Mr Garrison

    Ladder to Heaven is the best episode…

    1. I would have thought season 22 ‘Tegridy Weed’ eps were more up your chimney.

  4. randymarsh

    ahh yes a great episode
    with towelie on quality control what could go wrong….?

  5. Well, for starters, your HUAWEI modern port 7547 is open. I just uploaded a whole bunch of naked towelie pics to your C-drive.

  6. randymarsh

    goodness how do I view these pics?

    1. I’d be more concerned about blocking that port rather than looking at a naked towel. This page shows how I turned mine off and a video explaining the exploit. turn off TR-069

  7. randymarsh

    That all looks too hard for a dummy like me
    I just want naked towelie

    Why are you up so early?

    1. No kidding.
      No kidding.
      Fireball in the sky making me sweat.

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