Disney’s at it again: Making mental illness cool for children

Checking my RSS TV show feed update … and this crap pops up today.

I’m agnostic (I’m multi-universe, everything always existed in one way or another, mindset) with loving Christian parents … so it’s hard not being biased … but how come there’s never balance at the children brain washing factory (Disney) with cartons about Children that follow in the foot steps of a guy that was the polar opposite of witchcraft?

Witchcraft? Crap, now I have to go into details for it to make sense for those that love blue skin. (represents cold dead corpses)

Before I do, the word “satan” is a noun that literally, in Hebrew, simply means “adversary”. The Jewish version of Job 1:6 says; “the satan” met with G-d. It doesn’t say an upper case thing with horns called “Satan” met with G-d.

I believe, people believe in such misnomers … but that doesn’t make such misnomers real.

The word “gay” still means “happy”. Just because sodomites (I don’t care where you stick it) use it so often, doesn’t change the word’s true meaning.

The founder of that other misnomer, with the “church” of the same name, was Anton LeVey … real name Howard Stanton Levey … and according to him, he was … “Jewish”.

Religious or not, they all usually go on about their supposed ‘chosen’ bloodline … it’s in the news everyday about someone here or there being “anti-Semitic”. (another misnomer as many Arabs are Semites). It’s never anti-Hebrew or anti-Jewish.

Yeah, so the chosen blood line, from 700 wives and 300 slaves (aka concubines) of Solomon … gee what an easy family tree to follow. (sarcasm) Solomon’s other popular wife from Ethiopia, was black. (on record, I love Dave Chappelle and B.B King)

Back on track .. the King called Solomon, was the son of King David … a King of Israel.

Solomon had 700 wives and 300 breeding slaves … and as their story goes, of the 700 wives, only one stood out … and she was a witch!!!

Mind you, there’s no proof of the following except in the Jews cloud fairy book. (zero archaeological proof 4 million Israelites lived in the desert for 40 years, with free food (manna) from the sky, after escaping Egypt)

Tons of ‘in your face’ Egyptian witchcraft on Youtube

The witch (they existed 5,000+ years ago) Solomon married was supposedly the daughter of an Egyptian Pharaoh.

Disclaimer: None of this is what I believe – it’s what the system over me (Govt., media, law, etc) that controls us believes … OK … the same system that makes us swear an oath of truth, in their courts, on the same story books.

What has this to do with Vampires? Good question.

What does Vlad the Impaler have to do with bats and dead blue skinned blood sucking killing things?


Vlad the Impaler

Vlad the Impaler never slept in a coffin, and all that other Hollywood created BS.

Walt Disney (33rd degree Freemason) and Hollywood invented all that “Vampire” BS.

Yes I believe people today, believe in vampires, and act in good and bad ways believing such is real … but that doesn’t make historical ‘Dracula’ real.

The Dracula BS was created from the Vlad the Impaler story.

Vlad the Impaler, from Transylvania, with a very small defence, was under attack by Muslims threatening to take over his country … so he got super gruesome (no bats, no coffins, no fangs on throats BS) and did some really really, really really, bad shit … to freak the Muslims out … which oddly worked.

No one called Dracula wore a cape – but Walt Disney did.

Walt Disney was a 33rd degree Freemason … 33 is the publicly known top level .. there’s a zillion claims on the internet about what they do or don’t do at that level … I’ve been looking at this crap since 2002 .. and even I’m not going there in words … because I don’t need too!

Those that make trash vampire rubbish, brainwashing innocence children’s minds, tell us with their symbols … who they are!

Egyptian god HORUS sticking out the Israeli Supreme Court roof

The G-d of the Jews told Moses to take Israel out of Egypt .. yet ABOVE the Israel Supreme Court today, is the Egyptian god HORUS … over Israeli LAW

Egyptian Obelisk

Egypt has been taken into Israel. Pure blasphemy!

The local Southport Masonic Temple has all the the same Egyptian crap as does the Washington D.C Temple 13 streets from the Whitehouse.

Israeli Prime Minister will bulldoze peoples homes, but not the building with HORUS over it.

Today, HORUS Egyptian witchcraft, sits above Israel law!!

The Israeli G-d of Moses, said not to lay with the same gender (Leviticus 18:22) yet above, the leader of Israel today is saying it’s OK.

Notice the Flag: King David never had that six sides, six triangles, six points symbol … that is the ‘Seal of Solomon‘, which is from Solomon’s witch wife.

How do you ‘spell’ blasphemy?

All Moses did was tap a rock with his ‘rod’ more than once (Numbers 20:11) and he was in big deep dodo with his G-d.

Does Disney also makes ‘programs’ about witches, sorcerers and witchcraft? Of course!

Where’s Disney’s cute looking cartoons based on Christian stories? You’ll find hens teeth first. See how one sided the “programming”, mass brainwashing factory is?

The above are in lock step with corrupted (according to their own writings … 1 Kings 11) Solomon and his witch wife from Egypt.

Look witchcraft up … it didn’t start a few years ago with Sorcerer Harry Potter … it’s been around for 5,000+ years.

Pharaoh called his warlocks, “sorcerers” …

Wands and “rods”, are the same thing …

God sends Moses and Aaron to the Pharaoh once more, instructing Aaron that when the Pharaoh demands to see a miracle, he is to “cast down his rod” and it will become a serpent. When he does so, the Pharaoh’s sorcerers counter by similarly casting down their own rods, which also become serpents, but Aaron’s rod swallows them all. … wiki

Look here, a pro “Israel” website, posting witch “spells”.

If it walks like a duck …  anyone that uses that crap, are warlocks and witches like Solomon and his witch wife … end of story, no debate.

Back to the TV show … so you see, there’s a ‘Coven of Solomon’ at work #ucking our children’s minds over world wide.

It’s possible I’m wrong; but ask yourself, why isn’t there balance – where is the counter witchcraft content? Why is the Egyptian god HORUS sticking out that Israeli court roof?

From that same RSS feed, I see new movie titles come though, and 90% are based on horror / witchcraft. If folk’s are into that, that’s your business.

But where is the ‘counter content’ about a guy that said, “love your enemies”? I like to watch movies too! I’m sick of scrolling through page after page on movie sites looking for postive content.

I have to wonder why Vlad the Impala was turned into “Vampire” BS, when the ‘Coven of Solomon’ have their own blood sucking stories to make BS out of …

Remember those whacky stories about ..blood libel?

The only remains of sorcerer Solomon’s temple … where did the rest go? Maybe a higher power got mad, and destroyed it (twice) because of witchcraft going on inside?

Folks that hold sorcerer Solomon and his witch wife in high regard, are no friends of mine … they are the ‘adversary’ … and are not following the G-d of David … that other ass hole that sent his friend to a certain war death, while he stayed behind and #ucked the guys wife.

It’s all crazy BS!

Oi, your BS says we all came off the same boat of eight of the same kind! (Genesis 5:32-10:1) which makes us all family! Or don’t you believe your own tall stories?

truman show richard rothschild producer

Welcome to the ‘Synagogue of Solomon’ show … whoops, the “Truman Show” … co-directed (cockroaches don’t like the main spot light) by a Rothschild.

Rothschild Plaque on Israel’s Supreme Court

Same Rothschild’s (German for “red sign” … real name is Bauer) funded that Israeli Supreme Court building and it’s HORUS poking out the roof.

Look again. Blue skin represents a dead corpse, and the fangs, represent tools to kill.

Who feeds this garbage to our majority Christian children?

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