#Canberra declares Aussie #Sikhs, #Muslims as subhuman

Inadvertently (or maybe on purpose out of hate) politicians in Canberra have deemed Sikhs, Muslims as ‘subhuman’.

While the rest of Australia is forced to wear safety helmets while riding bicycles, pieces of #hit in Canberra, are letting Sikhs and Muslims ride around without safety helmets on.

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What a hateful disgusting worm.

If these ‘so called law makers’ (LAW needs Royal assent which this rubbish never has had) cared about Sikhs and Muslims too, they’d force Nanny State laws acts on them as well …. yet they DON’T!

Helmets cut down on hospital head injury expenses. When the chosen exempt get head injuries, where’s the money coming from? From the rest of us fined because were weren’t the chosen religions? –DM Commentator Happy Bob

So what the #uck is really going on?

Is this an admission …

  • Sikhs and Muslims are subhumans not worth protecting?
  • Sikhs and Muslims are more important than all other Australians?
  • Nanny state helmet laws acts have always been about revenue stealing from the public?
  • The ass holes behind this BS are virtue signaling?
  • All of the above

Either everyone has to wear a safety helmet, or no one should have too!

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