Fuel 99c and QLD GOVT telling us not to drive while still taking our REGO cash

I watch the Petrol Spy site each day. After all this BS is over, and if I’m still alive, I’m switching my fuel purchase loyalties to the Nerang METRO fuel station. For the last 5 days (est) they have been reflecting the right fuel prices while the other bugegrs havent. Freedom at Aldi only just today dropped below $1 too.

Meanwhile, the QLD GOVT is getting the cops to crack down harder on us going for a drive…

They just took $380 off me for 6 months rego. I want a refund if I cant drive then. Turnip King

Same here TK! This is why fuel is getting cheap. It goes off after 90+ days. I know from lawn mower experiences. Servos would rather it sold cheap now and in our tanks, rather than stale in theirs and useless.

Turnip King continues at the grubby Daily Mail front lines…

OK, then freeze all rego fees until this is over too. You are public servants, that are paid by we Sovereigns to re-represent us, NOT own us with fines for sitting on a park bench mid exercise. It was openly admitted at the time that the current Labor QLD Premier was hand picked by that male Union boss. (his name escapes me right now) FREEZE THE REGO’s and stop reading from the 1984 manuscript!!

Turnips all around, Baldric!

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