#AustraliaDay or #InvasionDay? I’ve had both over here today

That day of the year again … only been 232 of them, but still a good time to get pissed and troll both sides.

I love the place – I was born here after all. 3 or 4 generations. (I should do that family tree one day)

My friend Rod Freeman wrote a story about a stolen Winnebago a few years back that I agree with too.

All that “Invasion Day” stuff

I’d move back to my ancestral lands, but they’re been invaded today by people that whine about shit in Australia too. Pauline tried it, but came back. THIS woman brags about her religious group screwing up Europe.

Apparently Australia’s First Peoples walked down from India when sea levels were lower, and the land bridge between here and up there existed.

Frick that #hit! How about a nose rub?

Of all the horrors we’ve seen / read about the last few months, these little guys still make me smile.

OK, stop smiling, back on topic about those other invaders!
Bloody Asian geckos are everywhere and increasing in numbers!!!

Boring, back to Aussie Day happy news…

Our Oliver is getting better with the help of Steven Towelie. More on the DM

I’m all over the place. (cheap wine running out panic)

An Original (latin ‘ab’ in front of anything is condescending) I love watching called Mark McMurtie blows my thongs off.

He (knows) plays the imported system so well, he drives around with no license or registration. (he pays insurance)

Happy fricken Australia, or what ever the place was called before we turned up … DAY.

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17 Thoughts to “#AustraliaDay or #InvasionDay? I’ve had both over here today”

  1. the former artist formally known as the bush

    Australian – Mad Max III Beyond Thunderdome is on tv
    why tina turna and angry anderson why…?

    Did you know:-
    Rose Tattoos first albums were produced by George Young (yes older brother of Angus Malcolm Satan) and his hungarian mate from the easybeats…

  2. sorry Ms Turner

    my apologies I believe its actually Tina Turner

  3. No comment about Towelie? Been to Nimbin? That’s where Mark is blowing my socks off from in that video. The guy filming him (another Mark) I love watching too. He filmed a cool dude Koa, living off grid in the Nimbin bush. Right up your alley too I guess. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTK6Z6oCT3g

  4. the former artist formally known as the bush

    Living off grid in the Nimbin bush – what could be better?
    However I cant have a lot of respect for someone that plays a coon card (or any card – those sovereign rights clowns fro example) in order to dodge their responsibilities as a member of society and with the other hand collecting government payments from centrelink (speculation) at the higher indigenous pay rate
    Im sure towelie has been to Nimbin
    standby its bathurst time…. its Bentley in the lead….

    1. What card? Ugly Gina and obese Clive digs up their ancestral lands (show me the 1788 receipt of sale) and flog off various minerals for billions each year. I look at it as ‘royalties’ for the Originals. Bentley? Gee, another Australian past time bites the dust. Australian track, foreign made shit boxes. Nah, I’m having a nanna-nap.

  5. the former artist formally known as the bush

    Unfortunately australia cannot make our own shit boxes anymore
    R.I.P Falcon and commodore, camry, magna etc – the four top sellers in the 90s

    with under 2 hours to go Bentley (the poms) are more than 44 seconds in front
    the mustang “Mark” car (Paul Morris team starring Warren Luff and the young goldcoast kid) caught fire in the pits but they are hoping to get it back out

    1. “australia cannot make our own shit boxes anymore”

      Yes we can. INCREASE import tax on foreign made, cars, toasters, car toaster (Tesla’s when they crash), jocks, socks, you name it, so we can compete in Australia. Dictator for life Xi Jinping will crack the shits, but so what, we didn’t get to vote for him. Neither do the Chinese people. Appeasing foreign dictators is treason. yet no ‘so called’ politicians in Australia are in jail. Reason is because we’re all too fucking lazy to drag their prick asses out by the scruffs off their necks.

  6. the former artist formally known as the bush

    ok so that line should probably have read
    “australia cannot afford to make our own shit boxes anymore”

    we have priced ourselves out of the market
    the chinese work for about $2 an hour (like an uber driver here)
    minimum wage in this country is about $19 an hour I think
    we face high rent bills – a car factory is quite large
    we also face increasingly high electricity bills – the sooks will eventually yell loud enough to ban coal and we arent allowed to have nuclear
    Then at the end of all that we built cars that people didnt want to buy anymore
    maybe we should go back to riding a horse
    we should have trained our kangaroos for domestic personal transport years ago

    1. Why is this so hard to comprehend. Chinese can work for $1 an hour for all I care. That’s their problem. IMPORT tariffs (import tax) should balance out the playing field. Example … Kmart has two toasters on the shelf, one made in Australia by Australians with our money staying here … and one by the Chinese. Both are $30, which one are you going to buy? The Australian one because it will last longer and is made by us. Trouble is in reality the Chinese one is $15 and the Australian one $30. In the real world, $15 extra import tax should be added to the Chinese one to make it $30 off the shelf too. But we’re taught to see it the way you do. It’s not that we’re expensive – the problem is they’re too cheap … on purpose! It’s called economic warfare. If we dare increase import tax on their $2 crap, that foreign DICTATOR cracks the shits and we beg forgiveness! Trump has been feeling his raff the last few years over increased tariffs too. So, that’s how the the Australian toaster company and Holden went BROKE! They were never protected by their own, in their own country. It’s a plan on 1975 paper from the UN to do so. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9aHC2tSmRM

  7. the former artist formally known as the bush

    here is the problem – I dont think your mates at kmart (i wont shop there) even have an australian toaster for sale on the shelf – it would cost $80 + GST
    Im sorry australia I would love to help but I will still buy the $15 chinese model
    Pretty sure I only paid $10 for my toaster from my local Drake supermarket

    1. You got Steven Towelie over there drinking tea? It was a hypothetical that could be made reailty if the so called government were on our side. There’s no fight in you, you might as well buy a $2 prayer mat from Drakes too. Hail Dictator Jinping and his hero Karl Marx. They won without a fight. Jinping Marx

  8. the former artist formally known as the bush

    I cant afford to spend $88 on a toaster just cos its built here (need to sell more batteries)

    however show me proceeding to drakes for a $2 prayer mat so I can worship the chinese
    the soon-to-be rulers of the world – taken without a fight

    our war veterans would be turning in their graves

    1. LEST WE GIVE-UP. We made standard toasters for $30 back 15 years ago when China’s wages were still $2.50 per hour. (source: CIA fact book) It’s just an example of many widgets we made. You going on about $88 for a basic Aussie toaster makes us look bad on purpose. A fat figure you dreamt up for your dear leader Xi Jinping. Drakes have fluffy synthetic fur mats that go in from the the loo. They are about $7 – swindle someone some extra cash for their batteries.

  9. the former artist formally known as the bush

    I have a small bass guitar

  10. the former artist formally known as the bush

    its not really my fault
    its the fault of the kmart shopper looking for the cheapest chinese crap – is all they sell

    can you even find me a toaster made in australia today?
    pretty sure such a device does not exist….its sad

    1. It’s not the shoppers fault that the so called GOVERNMENT (both sides) have been going along with the 1975 UN Lime Declaration, and didn’t add $15 import tax 15 years ago, to that $15 Chinese toaster, to make it $30 on the shelf when (past-tense) ours were made here and $30 stayed in this county. It could all be fixed today by doing what Trump did / tried to do. But now we’re all hooked like toothless junkies on chicom slave goods. The pricks won without firing a shot. As an indirect result you’re watching foreign shit boxes (who the hell can afford a Bentley ffs) drive around on our Australian track. Must be wine-o-clock.

  11. the former artist formally known as the bush

    haha yes for your information the bentley won
    might go buy 1 tomorrow….

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