Wow, petrol below $1: It should never have been above $1

Maybe I should delete the ‘Limited News’ (Courier Mail) RSS feed from my email box; they’ve stirred me up again.

Either the CM writer is 18 and doesn’t have a clue about recent history; and or he / she is a ‘happy news shill’ there to excite us when petrol drops below $1. Wow, pull out the party balloons – only three of us in the comments section seems to give a shit.

“..almost unheard of…” yeah,  like finding Courier Mail reporters with balls.

I’m of the stupid opinion: why the *uck did fuel go above $1 a litre in the first place?

rodney brisbane anti war march 2003
Anti-Invasion protest Brisbane 2003: Can’t believe I paid $500 for that shitty Sony camera.


Love or hate America, but they and their Middle East invasion to make the world safer for the ‘chosen race’, $1 TRILLION in lithium etc .. are the reason fuel rocketed from 55c up to the weekly $1.40 average in 2018

Last 5 year bracket fluctuated between 1.20 to 1.50.

Now 2018 onwards they’re pushing their next 1.40 to 1.70 bracket on us all. Gotta love incremental-ism. I spend so much time in bed, that when I do go out, I notice the slight changes.

A real Limited News reporter would be on the PM’s (take your pick which one now days) high heels asking why a nationally funded, nation wide LNG fuelling station system hasn’t been set up yet. (they don’t mind wasting tax money on wind, wave, fart and solar rebate crap)

We sell our LNG to commie China for 3 cents per litre. That’s 3c per litre. Can you believe it? Read that again .. 3 cents PER litre! Would you believe … whoops, ‘Get Smart’ tag coming on..better stop.

How about keeping most of it here for our own national domestic and industry use, bringing manufacturing and transport costs way down .. thus making us a little more completive against dictator run countries? (I’m still waiting for America to “bring democracy” to China .. *ucking 2003 Iraq invasion hypocrites)

Hell no, baby … that’s not part of the 1975 Lima Declaration inter-global dependency plan. Sovereign fuel independence is a sin in the [name removed] ass holes, ‘new world order’ scam.

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