Welcome to Marxist Victoria: Patients records seized from family Dr. Mark Hobart

What country do I live in now days? I was told yesterday by that fat hog running Queensland, that from December 17th she’s going to regard me as subhuman because I haven’t taken her GMO-stabs. Now today this “Authorised Officer” BS in Victoria swiping confidential patients records.

30 years a family Doctor told to stop charging patients. No reason given by the “Authorised Officers” for the raid. Sky news featured Dr. Hobart last year, as he was giving patients the choice of life saving Ivermectin before the medical mafia TGA banned it for Fauci-flu use , September 10, 2021.

Video credit: Morgan C Jonas. https://www.facebook.com/morgancjonas/videos/480340486546206/

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