Two months later and still no news on who killed Victorian Anthony Clark

Two months later, and still no news on whom bashed Anthony Clark, his wife and daughter in Melbourne Victoria.

I asked last month >>> here

So back to the “responsive” Victorian police Facebook to ask the questions again …

Who killed Anthony? Being an ABN 63446481493 holding “service” NGO-company not in the Australian Constitution, it makes complete sense you’re giving away prizes to boost your corporate PR. How about doing your police “force” job? 25th Christmas Day 2019, grandfather Anthony Clark (died two days later from the injuries) his wife Susan and daughter were bashed by a yet officially named “gang”. Victorian Police still haven’t told Australia who the Melbourne “gang” was that bashed the Clark family supposedly over “fireworks” and a “barking dog”. More info is on my page.

Gee, what a great job. I’ll try again on the 25th of next month, and then the month after that, and after that, and after that…..

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2 Thoughts to “Two months later and still no news on who killed Victorian Anthony Clark”

  1. the former artist formally known as the bush

    unfortunately the woke – weak victorian government (and their voting fans) are unlikely to admit their ethnic imports are causing trouble – robbing/bashing AUSTRALIANS on occasion to our DEATHS….
    The perpetrator, his entire family and anyone he has met in this country should all be deported instantly – dont wait for them to carry out their prison sentence (if it even gets that far) at OUR EXPENCE before deportation…

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