Still ‘Stuck’ 50 Years On

It was 1997 … 22 years ago, while 28, with a $629 cassette Tascam Porta 07, before fancy free digital music software and computers.

Geez, I can just make out 1995

Needs polishing, but I’m to lazy.

Does a song have to be spot on too get one’s message across? If I use too, instead of to (above), will you still know what I mean?

Besides, slapping a 2019 video clip onto ‘Stuck’ today was enough work for this old neutral bugger 🙂


It’s been the best part of twenty eight years
A life full of strife and plenty of tears.
Walking around with my head to the ground.
Getting pissed of in this plastic town
I’m stuck, but what can I do?
I have problems, and so have you.
The only way is to carry on
Find that smile and put it on
My life, is stuck, stuck in neutral

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