Not-my-ex Sydney Watson and Melbourne Christmas Day bashing

Australian, Sydney Watson – not sure what she’s on about … too busy looking at her head.

With a few chest freckles, slight second chin and curly hair, she’d pass for an ex-GF. ‘Tis weird how seemingly unrelated people can look like each other. Must be a factory somewhere producing clones.

Ow, now all the bashing stuff … (ties together at the end)

Melbourne, Christmas Day 2019, a grandfather Anthony Clark was beaten to near death by a “gang” … first described as “African”.

3AW … before their retraction (google cache)

The bashing … supposedly because of fireworks that caused the attackers dog to bark … happened at around 11pm Christians night.

The bashing was so bad that Anthony Clark ended up with brain damaged – his life-support was turned off after four days. (yesterday, Sunday 29th)

Hours before hand, during the day, the same ‘yet named’ attackers in … broad day light … had a brawl with the Clark family.

  • Media won’t ask the family what the daylight brawl was about.
  • Although the media happily points out four members of the Clark family were charged with “affray”. (fighting in public)

Who were they fighting and why?

Jessikah Clark

The bashed man’s step-daughter Jessikah Clark and three family members earlier that afternoon obviously seen whom the brawl was with.

Supposedly Jessikah Clark told her brother the attackers were “African”

Her brother repeated that on the radio station 3AW. (station Alan Jones is on)

4+ plus hours later 3AW, not the brother or Jessikah Clark, released a statement saying it wasn’t Africans.

Why not get that retraction directly from the “quoted” Clark family? How often do you have the MEDIA backtrack on your behalf?

Yet the media won’t ask questions about whom they were brawling with or why.

Her step-father was just bashed, yet we’re supposed to believe she made up BS while knowing the cops had the afternoon matter on record to refer back to?

Everyone has video cameras on their mobile phones now days, and many homes with CCTV’s … yet no footage of either the afternoon or late night brawl?

Cops arrested an 18 year old (no description other than male) and later released.

Six days later and no one else has been arrested

Gee cops, maybe grab the ‘affray’ report from earlier the same day … and drag all involved into the cop shop.

Stephen Mort

Cops will happily beat the shit out of a white Caucasian father Stephen Mort for 600g of weed that’s legal to smoke outside Parliament House – but they won’t drag known DAY LIGHT brawling thugs down to the cop shop?

The media will happily show the names, address, car licenses plates, family photos of the late night Clark victims – yet won’t mention a thing about whom the day time brawlers all were … or why the brawl happened in the first place.

Cultures clashed?

While the media had the daughter-in-law in front of the controlled-news cameras, we’re to believe they didn’t ask…

  • details about the attackers descriptions, names, address etc
  • why the DAY TIME brawl happened in the first place

I call BS! This stinks of a cover-up in that same state that won’t admit ‘those’ gangs even exist.

Two months ago ‘Fat Pizza’ started a new season of ‘normalising’. First episode, they thought it would be funny to have an ‘African gang’ kill a white guy. Cops didn’t care in that ‘comedy’ skit.

Back to Sydney Watson – she’s right about ‘corrosive ideas’ never working out. She and people like myself, don’t dislike anyone, of any other group.

But at the same time, WE on the receiving end of this bizarre sea-change the last 10+ years … have to shut our mouths or be called ‘racists’ when questioning suspicious events?

That’s tantamount to an invisible open air ‘D notice’ conditional speech prison where the rights of the peaceful majority are silenced to protect a corrosive minority!

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