Merry Jesus-Christ-Mass 2019

What did ya get this year? Funny grandfather pic posted on Reddit today

Jesus-Christ-Mass isn’t about what you get from some jerk off invented by Coca-Cola, but about being with friends and family.

Sad one this year with so many lost lives and homes gone due to the drought and bush fires. Sad knowing folks are out fighting fires today rather than being at home.

Although, fricking funny reading about a triggered mother freaking out over a letter found in a toy box.

Yes I know, December 25th is the start of a new season. Old mate (whom Roman historian Tacitus wrote about) was born around September in the warmer months when the herds were out to pasture.

It’s bizarre how Jews that don’t like Jesus, wrote most of the famous non-Jesus songs (rubbish about Santa, Reindeers etc) sung at Christmas time – yet they don’t write songs for Muslims, etc too.

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3 Thoughts to “Merry Jesus-Christ-Mass 2019”

  1. the former artist formally known as the bush

    I just watched ‘The Passion of the Christ’ – its not really a christmas movie
    wow those Jews were not very nice to poor mr jesus were they?
    and right before easter…
    Mel Gibson of course starring as Jesus in a role they said he ‘was born to play’
    a natural progression ffor a road warrior….

    1. LOL, you must be drunk … lucky you … I’m sober and broke … that wasn’t Mel Gibson, that was Jim Caviezel. Mel Gibson was the director and was never on screen 🙂

  2. the former artist formally known as the bush

    was hard to tell through all the blood and disfigurement
    plus I had to read the entire script at the bottom of the screen

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