Meatetarian Shocked by Inhumane Potato Cruelty

OK, I just checked my personal privilege, sensory overload levels and double checked that I’m in my safe space. It’s coming to the end of a quiet week where zero vegetarians glued themselves to our roads.

As an avid #meatetarian, I found the above video shocking. Those poor baby spuds heading up the conveyors to then be dropped into sharp spinning knives almost made me… cry.

I forget where I watched it, (10+ years ago) but scientists in Russia supposedly had proven planets have feelings too. Russia, hey?

On a serious note, I have three sliced spuds baking in the oven as I type. 30 minutes to go, so seeing how the pro’s do it.

Geez, all that hot oil, yuck. Poor little buggers.


Dinner for 50 cents … washed, skins on, light olive oil spray, 35 minutes in the desktop oven … Jazz Hands!!!

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