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4 Thoughts to “I’m 6 and my own mother won’t let me go to the pub!”

  1. the former artist formally known as the bush

    thats not funny its just bad parenting
    its not right to be exploiting your offspring for your own social media fame
    please think of the children…

    1. But she was willing to give up bingo too – marvellous negotiator! 🙂 Video has only been up 7 days, and in that time 134 people agree with you. (and 7,100+ don’t) She’s a bright little girl with an old soul, and to hide that away would be sad. She’s an ‘intelligence yard-stick’ against 16 year olds that sit in the dark playing demonic WoW video games and wank off to Princess Leia and Wolverine figurines. Lively Irish pubs are nothing like the dead swill at Nerang.

  2. the former artist formally known as the bush

    and there lies the problem with society today
    7,100+ morons
    I can only hope more people than that DID NOT watch it because they had better things to do
    I like the dead swill at Nerang but I only go there for the $6 palmy and free live music
    No bands next week tho – might have to stay home watching stupid you tube videos and wanking off to Princess Leia instead

    1. Yeah I’m a ‘moron’ for seeing the funny side of a little girl begging to go hear Irish music at the local pub. Chillaxe, have another bong Paulie. Not sure why you of all people need weed, as ‘good parenting’ brought you up as a Saint. Speaking of vices, I need another jig, hiccup, jug of wine too and some good old Irish music. Lá maith agat!

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