Coronavirus cure: Vitamin C saved NZ farmer from Swine Flu, Chinese using it on Covid-19

UK Express, Daily Mail etc. ran with a story Mar 3, 2020 about Chinese doctors trying cheap and plentiful intravenous Vitamin C on patients with Covid-19.

That was two and a half weeks ago, and I’ve not seen an update on those results.

Although in the last 2 weeks China has claimed they are closing down those new temp hospitals, and supposedly there are no more deaths at ground zero, Wuhan. Really?

Last night I was watching 15 military trucks transporting 90 deceased in Italy. Nothing appears to be slowing down over there, yet China is acting all clear and free now? I call BS.

Either there’s a cover up of folks still getting sick, or they found a way to treat people with 100% success.

Circa 2009, 60 Minutes New Zealand ran a story about a farmer called Alan Smith who doctors were going to pull the plug on because his lungs were so full of fluid (Covid-19 does the same) from H1N1 swine flu, they ran out of ideas.

Smith’s family asked the doctors to use intravenous Vitamin C , but they refused.

Family brought the lawyers in and the doctors complied. Long story short, Alan Smith is alive and well today because of the Vitamin C.

Watch the above video before moving on.

While looking for updates about China’s intravenous Vitamin C  use today, I ran across this newish Feb 26, 2020 video of a UK doctor giving an audience talk about Vitamin C

Dr Thomas, quoting from an official AMA medical report, says “60 out of 60” patients with “acute Polio” were cured with intravenous Vitamin C.

Hypothetically, if intravenous Vitamin C works on swine flu and Covid-19, would the main stream big pharma allow this information to get out?

No, on two accounts.

  1. They can’t patent Vitamin C as it’s natural, plentiful and very cheap.
  2. It would expose them as being evil all these years

A ‘debunker’ doctor’s comments I read a few years ago, claimed farmer Alan Smith’s recovery was ‘a one in one billion case’.

So intravenous Vitamin C has been trialled on ‘one billion’ patients? No, what a load of BS!

Doctors claimed they cured him by flipping him onto his stomach. Ow, so the cure for H1N1 is lay on your stomach? More BS!

By their ridiculous rebuttals and deliberate lack of clinical trials, I can see ‘them’ for who they are.

Smith was getting well on Vitamin C, then two days in doctors stopped giving it to him, and he started getting sick AGAIN! Family demanded they keep going, and then he got well again.

Go watch the video. It was on 60 Minutes NZ (oddly never shown here), not some kooky Alex Jones website.

How is it that a country the size of China is supposedly getting well so fast? Is it a lie, or do they know something the west doesn’t want mum and pop Aussie to find out; to find our they’ve been lied to, for a very long time.

Original doctors used to ride around in horse drawn wagons selling snake oil and cocaine.

Then the ‘crony capitalist’ Rockefeller rail and oil baron family started funding medical research in America. The modern western medical industry was their baby, for profit.

“Competition is a sin” – John D Rockefeller

Where’s the global Medical Messiah Bill Gates whom likes to throw billions around; also throwing a few lazy millions towards intravenous Vitamin C trials?

Image source

Never going to happen.

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  1. the former artist formerly known as the bush

    Still a few people at the pub last night but I didnt stay long
    I have a kumquat tree out the front – rich in vitamin C.
    It will start fruiting in a couple months – I might have to open up a kumquat juice injecting centre…fully safe and supervised and totally anonymous with mental health services available for those who are struggling to cope

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