Who owns the children? Responsibility pie, delivered by public servants, not parents or Uber.

First, I can’t stand Uber, I hate the current marxist schooling system, and I’m no fan of obesity. (even though I should lose some weight) In this modern day and age, saying you ‘own’ your own children (humans) tends to upset the marxists – I’d tone it down to, ‘who’s responsible’ for the children. Trouble with the marxist version is, it lets the public servants claim a slice of the parents ‘responsibility pie’.

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The ‘comedic art’ of being a ‘socially accepted racist pig’

TV Review: Tax funded ABC “Black Comedy” program is back for another season reminding whites they’re scum because of the last 230+ years. Same ABC loves racist commie China buying the place up. If the place is stolen, then China is buying stolen goods – but ABC is OK with that. Common sense doesn’t apply when you’re a racist pig. WARNING: The following lesson should not be tried by white people. If you’re anyone else, then read on and learn how to be a socially acceptable racist pig, financed by…

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Woke today to find out we have a new CEO (aka Prime Minister) of Company Australia.

ceo scott morrison

Woke today to find out (48 hour hang over) we have a new CEO (aka Prime Minister) of AUSTRALIAN CORPORATION I’m kinda missing the old days when WE the people decided which dick heads run the CORPORATION registered with the US SEC. (US doesn’t have to register with Australia. That would be like the staff at Main Roads registering with us when we register with them. Who’s your daddy?) I’m no fan of the ass hole (who’s wife worked for the Rothschild usury turds) that had Pauline Hanson wrongfully thrown…

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Wow, petrol below $1: It should never have been above $1

Maybe I should delete the ‘Limited News’ (Courier Mail) RSS feed from my email box; they’ve stirred me up again. Either the CM writer is 18 and doesn’t have a clue about recent history; and or he / she is a ‘happy news shill’ there to excite us when petrol drops below $1. Wow, pull out the party balloons – only three of us in the comments section seems to give a shit. I’m of the stupid opinion: why the *uck did fuel go above $1 a litre in the…

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Review: Russell ‘Cringe’ Coight Season 03 … so far.

season 3 russell cringe coight

I was excited when hearing the news a couple months back, that Russell Coight (Australian Bloke that makes Superman look like Freddie Mercury in a sissy frock) was coming back for another season on the telly (Aussie slang for ‘idiot box’) …. but I only just today caught up with the first three new season 3 episodes. Geez Russ, all I can say is, thanks for the nap. Every gag …. balls squashed or zapped in

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