Beware the ‘Hot Blooded Woman’

Going through my old 2014 music hard drive stuff today. Old stuff, 2014? Geez, tis, twas, only a few years ago. (feels like 10 years)

Back in 2000 when the oldies bought their first computer (my first time playing with one) I never thought I’d ever try and play music, let alone jam (on fresh bread, no butter thanks) with people in Italy, Japan, the USA, etc … all without leaving the Gold Coast … or my old Musicvan.

Hot Blooded Woman, started with me feeling pissed and wanting to play along with someone and their blues backing track.

Searched and came across ‘Midnight Blues’ by Keiton, (at that time he called himself Keiichiro) from Japan.

His track here >> was the starting point …

This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on


So, someone like me comes along, downloads a copy for free, then adds a layer (so to speak). I was a bit pissed and had ‘Black Magic Woman’ going on in my head during my ‘one take’.

Then, if lucky someone else adds a layer … and on and on.

Next was Ms Anne Cozean (USA)

Wow, does she sound hot or what? Blew my mind when she joined with us. I’m not a big fan of Chrissie Hynde, but dang, Ms Anne with her similar voice blows me away.

Then I guess jstef (Italy) heard Ms Anne’s vocal layer and was inspired to add a stronger bass line to help the original washed out one.

Geez, 2014 since I was last there adding anything. Well, I did name my first album ‘Lazy’ after all. 🙂




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